Digital and hybrid formats are the future for greener, more inclusive university events. That's why Evessio has developed software dedicated to connecting universities with prospective students. Evessio For Universities focuses on creating unique experiences for digital attendees without them having to step foot on campus.

Why choose Evessio for Universities open day?


Allow prospective international students or those who live far away to join the open day virtually


Providing a virtual option is more inclusive and accessible for those who may not be able to attend the physical open day. Allowing prospective students to view their favoured universities virtually is a low cost and a more comfortable option


The Open Day Room includes a full e-commerce platform enabling universities to sell sponsorship or partnership packages and university merchandise

How many more students would you enrol if you gave them the option to attend open days virtually?

Virtual open days can increase enrolments and allow you to outperform your competitors. 
The Open Day Room provides a superior experience for the university, its students and guest attendees. The Open Day Room is not only the perfect solution to help universities host greener, more inclusive events, it provides the ability to have additional revenue streams.

More than your average live, digital & hybrid event management software

What can you do in the Open day Room?

Give virtual tours

Connect with interested prospective students

Reach more prospective students globally

Go greener by encouragingless travel

Be more inclusive by providing a more accessible and low cost option

Stream Webinars and live speaking sessions

Promote Alumni programs and graduate courses

Create break out rooms for different courses and 1-1 chats